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SP Shocker XLS Marker Dust Black

SP Shocker XLS Marker Dust Black


In development of the Shocker® XLS platform SP challenged its engineers to squeeze even more performance from the Shocker® regulator design. The result is the new XLS regulator piston – machined from aircraft grade aluminum and Type III hard anodized. The XLS regulator piston uses the same seals that have been proven consistent and durable – but with lighter weight and higher flow. The XLS piston allows a faster recharge rate, and greater consistency while at maximum rate of fire than previous generation Shockers®.

The XLS regulator piston also has a retention ring – which allows the secondary spring to remain attached to the piston, offering easier disassembly for regulator service.

The Shocker® RSX has earned reputation for excellent accuracy and consistency, in no small part to the Freak® barrel system included with the marker from the factory ( .687 insert included)
Drawing from the latest barrel technology the new Shocker XLS ships with the equally new – Freak® XL
The Freak® XL features a longer control bore that allows the air to remain behind the ball longer, allowing it to do more work accelerating the ball – with less air. This means that the new Shocker® XLS can operate at lower operating pressure, and increase efficiency over previous Shocker® models.

Autococker threads have become the most common barrel thread in paintball. Because of this both Shocker® RSX and XLS models use Autococker threads.Because the new Shocker® XLS uses the Freak XL barrel system, players now have the added advantage of quick turn autococker threads on the factory Freak XL barrel back – so removing your barrel takes 1/2 as many turns while remaining compatible with any autococker threaded marker.

The latest bolt system from SP the Shocker® XLS bolt system elevates the Shocker®’s performance to a whole new level. By taking advantage of the longer marker platform, the Shocker® XLS bolt system has a larger internal volume resulting in even lower operating pressure of 145psi. The lower operating pressure allows the Shocker® XLS to provide a smoother, quieter shot than previous generations of Shocker® while maintaining the same level of effciency. When paired with refinements to the regulator design – the XLS bolt system has a faster recharge and greater consistency at full rate of fire then ever before.

The Shocker® XLS delivers the ergonomic changes many Shocker® RSX owners have desired. By extending the overall length of the marker a greater sense of balance and a more stabile platform is created. A small change has a big effect on how the marker points, aims and feels while running and shooting.

Shocker® users asked for a lower profile system, that allows a super low grip and offers more space for larger hands. The Shocker® XLS answers customer’s requests by utilizing the newly redesigned low-profile ASA. The XLS air sour

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