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Tippmann A5 eGrip with Selector Switch

Tippmann A5 eGrip with Selector Switch


The A-5 Paintball Gun is now more reliable, accurate and easier to maintain, and includes 10 New Upgrades that were added over the original A5. The best thing is the Price remains the same as the original gun.

  • 1. New Cyclone Feed System – feeds up to 15 balls per second without batteries
  • 2. New External Selector Switch – allows players to switch easily from safety to firing mode
  • 3. New Larger Front Grip – has a better feel and upgrades are easier to add
  • 4. New Stock Barrel – 8.5” high-performance stone-honed barrel enhances accuracy and reduces noise
  • 5. New Redesigned Internal Bore – wider design for faster field stripping and easier maintenance
  • 6. New Lighter Receiver Design – reduces the overall weight of the marker
  • 7. New Tombstone Connections – maintenance is faster and easier
  • 8. New Sling Mounts – removable front mount makes it easy to add a sling
  • 9. New Low-Profile Hopper – offset design offers a clear sightline
  • 10. New Black Gasline – provides greater on-field stealth and heavy-duty construction

This Tippmann A5 comes with the H.E. (Hall Effect) E-Grip with Selector Switch, factory installed by Tippmann to help eliminate your opponents with up to 15 BPS full auto. The Tippmann A5 E-Grip features an External Selector Switch with three positions, making it easy to select between three different modes - safe (S), fire (F) and special firing (FA) - with just the flip of a switch. In all, the A5 E-Grip features five special firing modes, one of which can be assigned to the FA position on the external switch. The Tippmann A5 E-Grip utilizes a unique Hall Effect (H.E) magnetic sensor technology instead of the conventional micro switch found on many other types of electronic grips. This method is more precise and requires less moving parts.

The Tippmann A-5™ is all about speed. Its patented Cyclone® Feed System links the feeder sprocket to the air system, giving it the power to unleash a fury of balls as fast as you can fire them. The A-5™ can also be completely stripped and reassembled in the field in 60 seconds - without tools. Combining technology, accuracy and durability, this high-end marker has everything, so you can concentrate on one thing - eliminating your opponent.

With its all aluminum die cast receiver and extra-sturdy black finish, the A-5 is one of the toughest markers available.


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