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US Army Alpha Black Elite Rookie Package

$224.82 $249.74

The US Army Alpha Black Elite Rookie Package comes with all of the gear you need to get you on the field and having fun!!

Includes the following items;

US Army Alpha Black Elite

Empire Helix Goggles

20 OZ CO2 Tank

200 Ball Loader

4+1 Pack

Four Pods

Barrel Swab

Marker Oil

Lifetime Labor Warrantee from Cousins Paintball

Two Free Passes to Play at any of our parks!!

U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Info

  • Realistic tactical look
  • M-16 style Collapsible Stock, Shroud, Carry Handle & Magazine
  • All aluminum receiver
  • Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system 
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Manufactured by Tippmann

Get the military M-16 styled marker with unbeatable performance by Tippmann. The Alpha Black Elite also features a high performance 12” ported barrel, a magazine that doubles as tool storage, carry handle that can be replaced with sights or scopes, Picatinny rail added to the shroud for Tac-lights or other  accessories, the ability to accept an Electronic Trigger Kit, Response Trigger and the Cyclone Feed System.


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